Tiny House Sketch

Now that we are done with the research phase, it is time to begin the design process. We have begun to design our own versions of the Mobile Vat Shack. Within the design phase we will take all the research we’ve gathered and apply them to our designs to get the best possible outcome for our clients. The only way to begin the design process is to put pen to paper and start sketching diagrams. Our designs will start out very basic before getting more detailed as we get to a definite design. We will also be looking at many different precedents during the design phase to get a better idea of ways to design the Vat Shack. On Wednesday we will present to the professor our designs and get feedback from him. The studio walls will be covered with our sketches and other information we used to generate our ideas.

Looking forward to see what type of designs will be brought to the table on Wednesday!

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