The Design Possibilities are Endless

The studio is on it way to being filled with plenty of designs and inspiration for the Indigo Vat Shack. The walls are no longer just white as we pinned up for the desk crit with Professor Pastre yesterday. The individual design process will continue as we keep pouring out as many ideas as possible for studio tomorrow. Hopefully out of the numerous design options we come up with there will be a couple good ideas out of all the sketches that were created. You have to go through all the bad designs to get to the good.

Nick Thinking Hard about His Designs

Our inspiration is mainly stemming from tiny house architecture, origami, and transforming architecture such as, Michael Jantzen’s M-Velopes creations. Basically, we are trying to figure out all the ways that a rectangular box can fold, swing, or expand. Then use those techniques in our stack of design options to show during studio tomorrow. As you can tell from the picture on the right, we all have quite a bit to contemplate because the design possibilities for this project are endless.



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