The day after our group pin up with our clients we met as a group of 7. This was a very important time for our team. During the pin up, we (the students, Dave Paste, Enough Pie, and the artists) filtered the 3 groups ideas down into a basic, generic plan that we could later elaborate on. During Tuesday we, the students, took this plan drawing and made multiple iterations of it. A huge part of this new design was the fact that we are now focused on the exterior space around the vat to be utilized for community. Our design of the vat shack and how it transforms must be directly related to the outside space and create that teaching environment. Utilizing all 7 brains, we accumulated several strong ideas and will seek advice and wisdom from our brilliant teacher, Dave. Our next large client meeting our class will be presenting a single concept that is more thought out and includes details previously not required. Wish us luck as we work as 7 different individuals, with 7 different personalities. Until next time.


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