Having 7 individuals with different design mentalities converge as one to form a large group after working in small groups is tough task. But after working in small groups having all 7 of us together will equal an exciting design phase as we normally don’t work in groups of more than 4 people. As a large group of 7 we are working extremely hard to make sure the clients get what they want and need. Yesterday during studio we meet as group to discuss the checklist of things we needed to have for the shack, and then we broke off individually to research for 30 minutes and then reconvened to show what we found to the group and see what works for the shack. This method proved to be very helpful and something we will continue to use as we draw near to the final client meeting and prepare to begin the build phase. From here on we are in produce mode to get out any and all kinks so we have an amazing final design to present to the clients. Stay posted as we keep working towards the best design possible!

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