Wood You Attach the Rafters?

The structure may be done for our Vat Shack 2016, but we have plenty to accomplish by the end of the semester. We will be working hard, nonstop, to finish up all the small details that provide our structure with character and an identity. The plywood siding will soon be ready for installment but first we will attach the rafters for the roof. They are all cut and primed, ready for placement within the next few days. This an exciting stage, enclosing our structure we have spent so much time designing. The transition of materials, from steel structure, to wood siding and roof support, is an interesting feature that will provide reveals throughout our structure. We are discovering color schemes that we personally believe will aid in the “shacky” feel, colors that we believe will create the best possible experience while inside and outside the shack. Time is crunching down, stay tuned for more.



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