As more materials come in, we get them ready to use on the Vat Shack. Yesterday Courtney and I finished getting the nails out of the wood siding so we can prepare them to be attached to the shack for the siding. After getting the nails out we sanded them down a little to get out any  chances of splinters and to keep the patina of the wood since its reclaimed. The next step was to figure out how we would situate them on the shack. We decided to create lap joints on the wood so they would overlap each other and have a 1/8” gap in between them. Professor Pastre spearheaded the cutting of the rabbet on the wood. In the process we created an assembly line where I fed him the wood and the others got them from him and stacked them on the table.


The results were great and we then had to calculate how much more wood we would need to continue on the other parts of the trailer where the wood would be placed. As we get more loads of wood to complete our design the process of removing the nails, cleaning the wood, sanding and cutting the rabbet will begin again. We’ve also been working on cutting and welding the pieces for the ramps and stairs together. We were hit with some rain so we were limited to welding on the deck and having to hold off on putting up and attaching our rafters. Given some good weather we hope to get the rafters up today or during the weekend. With the deadline and final review looming we are buckling down to get it done. Check back in to hear what else we’ve gotten done.


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