Almost Done with Steel Framing

After classes yesterday, we met up at the shop to work on the project. Yesterday we put in the two ridge beam posts and started putting in the ties that connect the two ridge beam posts to the rest of the framing at the top of the structure. It involved a lot of checking and tweaking of existing components, but we were finally able to get everything lined up the way we want it. We need to finish putting in the ties and the bottom girders. After that, we’ll be finishing up steel framing by cutting and fitting angle for the rest of the rafter connections as well as for the panels within the bays. When everything is tacked in, we then need to go through and finish the weld connections. Once that is done, we then need to prepare the steel framing for paint by cleaning and grinding down the steel for primer and paint. The shop is bustling with talk of what else needs to be welded on, paint colors, beginning the wood framing, and generally getting the project done. We are staying focused and getting work done. Thank you for everyone’s support and wish us luck!


Captain Debs and Lieutenant Matticus lifting iron. We’re so proud of them.

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