Hammering and Helpful Advice

Yesterday was the beginning of our work on the physical Indigo Vat Shack.

Studio will now take place at the wood shop rather than the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston in order to have our trailer nearby while we finish work on the details of the shack and begin the long task of construction documents. From now until spring break we will be working on making sure everything is ready to begin construction when we all get back from spring break.

FullSizeRender (3)
Nick Enjoying Tearing Up the Trailer

Our first work on the trailer began by ripping all the existing wooden boards off the metal framing, which meant a lot of hammering and multiple close calls between flesh and mallets. Don’t worry, we all wore the necessary protection when ripping a trailer apart.

Kevan Hoertdoerfer also dropped by to give us feedback and advice on our details in progress.

Yesterday was an exciting day filled with a lot of hammering and helpful advice, and we are looking to continue the progress while we keep moving on, anxiously awaiting spring break.

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