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On Friday we met with structural engineer John Moore of 4SE, Inc. to get feedback on the details and framing we have come up with for the Vat Shack as well as the structure of the trailer we will be using to build the shack on. We got some very good criticism from Mr. Moore on how to best expand and support the weight of the vat shack on the trailer and the most effective way to build the framing. It was great being able to have a meeting with a structural engineer in between the design and build phases and finding out what options are feasible and which are more functional. After listening to his advice and criticism we are now in the process of completing construction documents so we can begin mock ups and then start building. This is a very exciting stage as we start finalizing the minor details and fully complete the design phase of the vat shack. Today we will continue to work out the details of how things connect with each other and operate. Stay tuned for our progress as we get closer to build day.


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