Beginning Detail Mock-Ups

IMG_0792Our new home, the workshop.

Yesterday in studio, we talked about the details we worked on the night before. We sat down with Professor Pastre and discussed what was working and what needed to be changed. Through talking it out with Professor Pastre, we were able to find potential complications with our designs, but at the same time see another design language unfold from the process. One of our general concepts for this project is working in layers, but through the discussion yesterday, we found that having external layer elements share space within both the structural and external layers creates an overlapping effect that can be used throughout the project. Finding these patterns is not only fun, but they create a cohesive design that expresses thoughtfulness and produces a joyful experience when experiencing the Vat Shack.

After talking with Professor Pastre, we then broke up into teams to work on tasks that need to be completed soon. Some people continued working on construction documents, some took measurements of the trailer, and some of us started the mock-ups, or physical models used to work out details and structure. It was exciting seeing all of us work as a team to further our project. It was also fun to start building the mock-ups. With so much to do, we can’t slow down, but with the energy we have now for how project is turning out, I think we’re going to do great.

IMG_0793The start of mock-ups, specifically our awning/ventilation joint.




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