Today, we got yet another review under our belts.  These reviews are always helpful, and it seems as though the information and feedback continues to increase as more people begin to wrap their minds around this project.  Of course, all feedback is good feedback and we appreciate the ones that were able to make it this afternoon.

This time, we had two separate concepts to share.  I was impressed to see both of our groups progress so far in only a week and a half.  Each had the great design elements.  Many problems were solved, questions answered, and we came a lot closer to envisioning a final product.  That being said, we can’t get ahead of ourselves.

As we come together as a studio again, there is still much to look at, and plenty of problems that need solving.  We have once again been introduced to regulations, and other required criteria that will reshape our design.  But no surprise here, it’s all a part of the process.  We must now take a step back.  It’s time to break down both concepts and pull the positives from each and try to combine them to create a further reformed and more detailed plan.

In general, most people loved the idea of incorporating a dogtrot into the design.  I believe something about the breaking up of volume, with continuous roof, as well as the favorable view upon arrival that is what intrigues people.  The problem with this really nice element is incorporating it into the linear flow, so that it serves a function in itself.  Another key issue that we will have to solve going forward is the ventilation system.  The manipulation of air through a space is something that we will continue to look at and understand.  Kitchens can get very hot and uncomfortable, and even this is an understatement, so this really could make or break the success of our design.  Also, what continues to be a tricky element is the bathroom.  With the linear footprint, we are struggling to find a solution as to where this bathroom should go.  No need for despair though, I’m sure in the coming days that we will find the answer and have that EUREKA! moment we’re all waiting for.

To close, today’s review was a success and very helpful.  We received much appreciation for the great thought and diversity that came out of our concepts.

So, tonight I think collectively as a studio we will be catching some much needed rest.  It should be nice, but tomorrow we will be right back racking our minds to keep the ball rolling in the right direction.  It’s easy to look ahead at a final product, but we must remember that emphasis should be put on the process for success.

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