Process is not Magic

…Process is truly not magic, but the magic resides in the quality of doing. For the past few class sessions we have been working together, in groups, to filter, rearrange, and add improvements to the three schematic designs. Repetition and refinement as any good designer would say. We have also been working hard to complete a site model, group models and presentation boards. “Studio V Doin’ Work”, as Spike Lee would say… Although, others are relaxing, we are finding magic in the quality of doing.

Charles Eames said “eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects.” A grand connection will be made when this installation is completed and unveileded at Spoleto 2012. Just think of how ideas will connect with people through this object. We have…

  • An artist from Japan, Motoi Yamamoto, that does phenomenal work
  • A city on the east coast with a historically rich, ever increasing cultural scene, Charleston
  • Students from various locales around the world, Studio V
  • A driven professor, Prof. Pastre
  • Gallery director, Mr. Sloan, and
  • 78,000 visitors at Spoleto

Think of the impact this installation may have on future generations…absolutely mind-boggling, I know, Adam thinks so.

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