The Less You Know, the Better

The Less You Know, the Better is the fourth studio album by American music producer DJ Shadow. A theme that Shadow frequently connects to the album’s title and artwork is the influence of technology in modern times. When asked what the album’s title referred to, Shadow explained about what he felt was the aggressive marketing of technology in modern times.  – wikipedia

While I was thinking about my group design, “The less the better” ran across my mind. It was because Sam, Jeff and I thought minimalism is the most important thing for our design. At first glance, minimal design might look easy to do, but it is not true. Because lots of concepts should be dissolved in an way to express, it is very hard to achieve in fact. We actually got a lot of ideas while we were talking together but it was not easy to start to give shape to a plan. We hava a long way to go I think. Getting more inspirations and researching structures and materials are our first step now. I felt exited to move a step further for Design Building. And, from the group design stage, I had an opportunity to look back my individual design. I needed it “The less the better”.

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