Great Minds Like a Think…


Yes, I did steal that quote from The Economist, but it describes the state of our new design groups too well not to use.  We were matched with our group members based not on the compatibility of our individual designs but because our individual designs or our approach to designing will help fill the gaps in the proposals of our group members and vice-versa.    We don’t necessarily think alike but our design will end up much richer because we are not like-minded.

Right now our team is working on solving the flaws in the current state of our team member’s individual design.  Since this project will actually be constructed, we are asked, for the first time, to calculate the moment of the forces in the structure and test the actual construction methods.  Parts of the design even have to be approved by the city since they will be outside the Halsey Gallery.  I am actually starting to get excited about the possibility of realizing something that I helped design!

We will be constructing three models this week (a site model, our small group model, and a detailed model of a section of our proposal) so, wish us luck.  Happy Working!


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