And Then There Were Three

It’s the day after our first big design review and the team isn’t looking back–we’ve got our minds on the future development of our project. We have now had the opportunity to present our individual design ideas, three of which have been selected for further development. These proposals were chosen because a specific component of their design is particularly promising for the design challenge at hand.  Although, narrowing it down to just three isn’t an easy decision; the quality of design ideas presented was high. Every proposal had at least one aspect which pushed the boundaries of thought to a new level and started to generate positive solutions to design challenges. Every proposal also had areas of weakness, the “chosen ones” included–there is still much development to be done. Here I will share a peak into the three chosen design proposals via a comparison of plan views. The featured image is a rough sketch of Motoi’s design ideas for the Halsey Gallery in plan.


“A Garden Journey” by Artemiy Zheltov

This design proposal was chosen for it’s utilization of wall space, the feature window, and understated aesthetic and approach which doesn’t compete with the art.


“A Dialogue with Art” by LeRone Smalls

This design proposal was chosen for it’s innovative take on visitor navigation. A guidance wall is added which leads visitors through the exhibition space in a sensible progression.

“Floating Garden Viewing Platform” by Sam Fuller

This design proposal was chosen for it’s smart location and build, with a small footprint and a balcony-like utilization of the wall as well as a cantilever over the artwork. 

Now that we have the three schemes chosen, we have split the team up into groups to develop each of them. Although these designs originated from a single mind, this ownership will soon fade as more heads get in on their development. I am looking forward to what the team can come up with; things are looking good!

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