Individual Design Review!

Today in studio was the individual design review for our on-going project with Mark Sloan and the Halsey Art Gallery.  Luckily or us Mark was able to attend the review and gave us all some really great feedback on each of our designs.  Each student was given ten minutes to present their idea to the group and then answer any questions or concerns that were brought up.

Out of the many comments that Mark and the other reviewers made to the class, I thought that there were a few that applied in some way to every single design that was presented.  One such comment was regarding the importance of not distracting from Motoi’s artwork.  Our viewing platform is only meant to enhance the experience of viewing Motoi’s work, and is in no way part of the main focus of the exhibition.  This also applies for the amount of floor space that out platform takes up, the less the better.

Another interesting thing that I took away from the review was Marks willingness for our use of the gallery walls and ceiling as structural components in our design.  He seemed more than alright with cables and other materials being screwed and bolted into the drywall and even entertained the idea of knocking a hole in one of the galleries interior walls.

After the review, the group decided to go in three directions moving forward with the project; the balcony, the wall, and the screened walkway.  We are all now in one of these three groups working together to further develop one of these three ideas.  Overall, the review was very successfull and the group recieved some great feedback!

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