The Great Migration

Hello all!  As you have all been reading about our semester is coming to close!! It seems though that we still have so much more to accomplish before our review Friday morning.  I would be willing to bet we will be working right up to the review!  Tonight was another late night at the shop as [...]

“Measure Twice Cut Once”

As a wise man once said, "Measure twice cut once."  This quote signifies our current situation in studio V.  As you all know, we are now the the process of building our viwing platform from the Halsey.  Everyone is at the shop daily.  Today we finsished the cutting on all of our steel and started [...]


This week for studio V has been a hectic one to say the least.  As everyone has been talking about, we are currently in the process of finalizing our numbers for materils and pricing them out, calling several differnet comapnies to compare quotes and hopefully get the best deal possible!!! It looks like the  generous [...]

Down to the Nitty Gritty

As we all get back into the swing of things after a well needed break, we have been warmly welcomed back into the world of design build.  We are now beginning construction documents of our viewing platform for the Halsey and are discovering that we have many more decisions to make!!! We are finally thinking about [...]

A Work in Progress

They say that it took the egyptians on average around 30 years to build a pyramid, and in the past two weeks each of the groups in our studio have accomplished a task equally as respectable.  The progression of each of our design groups was more than evident to anyone who attended our most recent review with [...]

Individual Design Review!

Today in studio was the individual design review for our on-going project with Mark Sloan and the Halsey Art Gallery.  Luckily or us Mark was able to attend the review and gave us all some really great feedback on each of our designs.  Each student was given ten minutes to present their idea to the group and [...]

The Typhoon in Japan

Hey guys, For my post I am going to talk a little about the Japanese and their views on typhoons.  Being from charleston and living through several hurricanes myself, I understand the power that these storms possess and the damage that they can cause to the built environmenet. Historically, typhoons in Japanese culture have a [...]