This week for studio V has been a hectic one to say the least.  As everyone has been talking about, we are currently in the process of finalizing our numbers for materils and pricing them out, calling several differnet comapnies to compare quotes and hopefully get the best deal possible!!! It looks like the  generous budget aquired by Mark Sloan and the Halsey is going to be just enough to complete both our inside platform as well as an outdoor structure that will be located outside the window of the gallery on Calhoun Street.  Hopefully Mark will like it so much that he decides to keep it up for longer than just the Spoleto festival (that is if the “drunk frat boys” don’t destroy it first).

Designing this outdoor structure has proved to be a challenge due to material capabilities and also trying to make it as unattractive to climb on as possible.  We are currently in the process of testing the abilities of several dirrenent slat materials in order to determine the maximum span that each material reach.  This will tell us where and how many vertical supports we need to make the structure possible.  These are some of the last design deciions we will make before we begin the building portion of our semester.  I know everyone is excited and can’t wait to get their hands dirty!!

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