38 days…

It has been a busy day for Studio V. This morning we have met with Matt Compton who sits on the Design Review Committee and with whom we have discussed the structure that will sit right outside the window. From his words we understood that we will not have any problems passing the structure with the DRC. Later we have met with Gil Shuler, who does all the graphics for the Halsey Gallery. We gave him an update on our project and gave him our idea regarding the envelope to collect the salt following the exhibition.

We have spent the afternoon trying to get better cost numbers and figuring out if we actually have the money or the time to build both of these structures in 38 days. Once some of the numbers started coming in we were able to breathe a little easier.

With John Moore’s help we started  getting some of the dimensions for the steel and are starting to detail the structures. Unfortunately we are nowhere close to being done with detailing, drawings or figuring out just HOW these will come together. Our task for the next few days is to figure these out, get the drawings together and order the materials. Not a small task.

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