The In-between

For the past few weeks the group has been working on the design phase between the finalization of the design and actually building it. Now, at the end of another week, the group is scurrying to complete this in-between design phase so that we can start construction before we run out of time! As a newby to design build, I am realizing that the work that needs to be done to bring a design into reality is much more extensive than I realized. Even the smallest detail must be thought out for us to be able to build. It seems like there are many more unknowns that known. We have been collecting answers so that we can more forward. This includes information about materials, engineering, code/ADA restrictions, pricing, etc. We have been making phones, emailing, and meeting  like crazy with all types of people in order to figure everything out.

Today we are working on getting a working set of construction documents completed in anticipation of starting construction next week. We are figuring out the last bit of information on material pricing and dimensions so that we can put in some orders. The outside proposal is being tweaked after our meetings on Wednesday and we are completing a set of documents to send to the Design Review Board, who we will meet with on Monday. I think everyone is ready to finish with this in-between phase and start getting our hands dirty!


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