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Studio V Union Workers

One of the most inspiring aspects of working on new and different projects each semester is that the design and construction solutions are vastly different from site to site and project to project. That being said, each semester we seem to find ourselves experimenting with materials new to me, which typically leads to us using them outside of the traditional building method. It’s one thing to have a good sense of how things go together and a completely thing to know how to do it. Last semester we poured cast in place concrete forms, and this semester we find ourselves welding and joining steel. In both cases I learned from professionals, alongside the students. We learn by trial and error.  We learn the material and it’s craft as we go. While I believe this is a wonderful way to learn, it is a method that takes time and effort, and with a deadline looming can cause some added stress to the time line. Some students spent the weekend practicing cutting and welding steel, while others worked on the frame work drawings for the viewing structure, while others continued to iron out the design for the outdoor structure. The final details of the design are forming, but we still have a ways to go. Like every semester before, this Studio V crew will dig deep and make it happen, leaving with a deeper understanding of design and making.

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