Decisions, Decisions

Tomorrow we have a meeting the Charleston’s Design Review Committee.  We need this review to go well, or else we will not be able to build our outdoor window attraction.  We’ve made a lot of changes since our last iteration, many of which have to do with cost.  We want the structure to be durable but have decided that we cannot design for the fact that people may climb on the structure.  We became so concerned for its durability that we lost the essence of this light and sleek structure.  Thus, we’ve decided to return to the idea of using (3/8″ or 1/2″) steel plate.  Also, now that we have some more experienced welders on our team, we’ve discovered that the vertical members of the structure, (pictured in the model on the left), would be too hard to weld accurately.  We have instead devised a 2×2 square tube to substitute the rectilinear forms from previous iterations.  The signage will then span and cover these two vertical members as shown in the model on the right.  Easy-peezy.

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