Home Stretch

Our review is tomorrow and we're all starting to get excited as big pieces of the project are now being polished and set in place. We finished the treds yesterday and placed them on the steel stringer so that we could size the final mdf boards that cover the stringer and its structure. Others were [...]

Surprise of the Semester

It seems that the part of our project that was always on the back burner, the outdoor proposal for the Halsey window, will be the first thing that we complete and install.  We've cut, welded and ground all of the steel fins and are now beginning to slide them into the vertical structure one by [...]

Decisions, Decisions

Tomorrow we have a meeting the Charleston's Design Review Committee.  We need this review to go well, or else we will not be able to build our outdoor window attraction.  We've made a lot of changes since our last iteration, many of which have to do with cost.  We want the structure to be durable [...]

It’s time for mock-ups….

This weekend we are starting our full-scale mock-ups of the various detailed elements that make up our viewing platform.  As well, my group is working on the outdoor attraction.  The goal for our design-build project is to allow the average Spoleto Festival attendee to see the artist's installation from 3 key perspectives: above, standing height, [...]

Ideal vs. Real

Now that we have narrowed our ideas down from 11 individual designs to 1 group design with 11 team members, we can no longer push aside budgetary restrictions and other dilemmas associated with realizing a project.  We need to get our structure approved by a practicing engineer, our materials priced and ordered soon so that [...]

Great Minds Like a Think…

  Yes, I did steal that quote from The Economist, but it describes the state of our new design groups too well not to use.  We were matched with our group members based not on the compatibility of our individual designs but because our individual designs or our approach to designing will help fill the [...]

Ladies get out your salt…

My research topic for our presentation was focused on the history, cultural importance and science of salt.  I came across some really fun and/or interesting uses for salt - many of which were from Mark Kurlansky’s Salt: A World History (a pretty good read, by the way).  I’ll give you a few of my favorites: [...]