It’s time for mock-ups….

This weekend we are starting our full-scale mock-ups of the various detailed elements that make up our viewing platform.  As well, my group is working on the outdoor attraction.  The goal for our design-build project is to allow the average Spoleto Festival attendee to see the artist’s installation from 3 key perspectives: above, standing height, and kneeling height.  The view from the Calhoun Street window allows you to get a kneeling height view without getting on your knees.  This is possible because the gallery floor is 4′ or so above street level and it provides a perfect kneeling height view while standing outside.  Today we have finally narrowed our ideas down a little and will begin in the direction of the design shown below.  Creating a glare-free space that invites pedestrians to take a look at Motoi’s work through the window is ideal.  Incorporating signage is a must as well.  Take a look at the latest iteration!

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