Ideal vs. Real

Now that we have narrowed our ideas down from 11 individual designs to 1 group design with 11 team members, we can no longer push aside budgetary restrictions and other dilemmas associated with realizing a project.  We need to get our structure approved by a practicing engineer, our materials priced and ordered soon so that they will arrive before construction begins in 3 or 4 weeks, and our outdoor window scheme approved by the Charleston Design Review Board.  Mark Sloane, curator for the installation even brought up his concerns about keeping the selected design proposal, an all-white platform, clean.

As well, we would really like to consider the life-cycle of the project.  Moving this project from gallery to gallery has become less of a focus lately; we are considering how else we can improve the life-cycle of our structure.  Namely, we can turn to recycled materials like reclaimed barn wood or bowling lane wood as well as taking into consideration the joinery and how the disassembled parts can be repurposed. 

Lastly, we need to consider how to incorporate a container into the project so that the installation can be scooped up by the visitors and “return[ed] to the sea.”  Stay tuned to see how we work some magic and make this all work…

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