Stubborn and Yielding

Stubborn and yielding. Obviously the latter is considered as a virtue in our society always. Also, the former is regarded as a bad personality to fix and correct. But, I think in this design field the characteristic “stubborn” is not a bad thing at all. I am not telling it because I am stubborn. (maybe…) Of course, it makes the situation difficult and people angry especially who don’t agree with your opinions. But, I want to believe that if you are sure it is right way to go and if you want to achieve something which you dream, then you should say it is right and convince them. Since there is no right answer in design field, we must have reasonable grounds and logical thoughts behind our “stubbornness”.

I think yesterday studio session was very successful and interesting. It was very tiring because we had heard a lot of different approaches for design and structures and almost had argued each other. But, we gathered and shared 11 people’s thoughts for one design. I am sure it is definitely a right way to make our design better and solid. I am very excited to meet Mr. Moore on Monday with our design and seriously looking forward to working on building our design. Only one thing I am not sure is if I was too stubborn yesterday or not.


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