The In-between

For the past few weeks the group has been working on the design phase between the finalization of the design and actually building it. Now, at the end of another week, the group is scurrying to complete this in-between design phase so that we can start construction before we run out of time! As a newby to design build, [...]

The Realities of Design Build

Now, having soared through the first half of the semester at what seems like amazing speeds, the group has returned from spring break to the realities of a design build studio and an even speedier second half of the semester. Design build is a project delivery method in which the design and the construction services [...]


"love" written in Japanese As you all know, this past Monday we had our small group review with Motoi and a Japanese translator. As the review unfolded, I was fascinated by how the language barrier completely changed the review dynamic.  No longer were we rambling on about minute details of our projects, but instead were forced [...]

And Then There Were Three

It's the day after our first big design review and the team isn't looking back--we've got our minds on the future development of our project. We have now had the opportunity to present our individual design ideas, three of which have been selected for further development. These proposals were chosen because a specific component of their [...]

Review I: Research

Today the team came together for our first review. For the past week we have been researching a variety of topics to help us better understand any and every angle of the design challenge at hand. Topics we covered included information on salt, background and understanding of Motoi and his art, a few aspects of [...]