Review I: Research


Today the team came together for our first review. For the past week we have been researching a variety of topics to help us better understand any and every angle of the design challenge at hand. Topics we covered included information on salt, background and understanding of Motoi and his art, a few aspects of Japanese culture, specifically Japanese gardens, practical information such as ADA standards and shipping information, viewing strategies, scaffolding, joinery… the list goes on. We have presented our findings multiple times and refined the information gathered. We also worked on creating our presentation aesthetic. All of this came together to produce a successful and cohesive group research presentation today.

To listen to and discuss our findings we enjoyed the company of 3 guests: Mark Sloan, our client and the director of Halsey Gallery, Jacob Lindsey, an urbanest, and Sandy Lang, a writer. We are grateful for their attentiveness and helpful advice. We were able to uncover some more areas of consideration to assist in the furthering of our design.

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