A Work in Progress

They say that it took the egyptians on average around 30 years to build a pyramid, and in the past two weeks each of the groups in our studio have accomplished a task equally as respectable. 

The progression of each of our design groups was more than evident to anyone who attended our most recent review with Motoi and the original review only two weeks ago.  The thought and attention to detail of each design was in direct relation to the hard work and long hours everyone put into articulating their ideas.

Thankfully David gave us a night off tonight! A rare chance to catch up on some sleep before it’s back to work tomorrow on further developing the design of our platform!  And after yesterday’s review I think there are going to be some very high expectations from Mark as well as Motoi for our next and final review on March 2 which will luckily again feature our artist via skype (he will be in Seatlle this time though, not Japan. Hopefully we wont make him stay up untill 2 am again!)

This being said, it is almost time for the final push before we actually begin building our platform.  Although we are all now one group, it does not mean it is time to take a breath! The next two weeks are equally if not more important than the two we spent in three seperate design groups.  It is time for Studio V to unite and form the super team that will deliver the most least distracting platform to Motoi that he has ever seen…

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