And then there was one…

Brilliant, beautiful, well developed, original, elegant, interesting, top-notch – those were just some of the words that were used to describe our projects this morning by our guest critics at the review. Today after a sleepless night for the many of us we were able to present our project to the artist himself via skype: Motoi Yamamoto, the gallery curator: Mark Sloan and the critics: Ray Huff (CAC.C director) and Eddie Bello (an architect with McMillan Pazdan Smith). Of course the review would not have been possible without the help of a translator, who helped us translate our ideas to Motoi. The response the projects has been overwhelmingly  positive.

I think the most interesting part was to see Motoi’s reaction to the three schemes we have presented. Each one took a different approach and all had good ideas. I think we exceeded Motoi’s expectations and have changed his idea at what our platform could be. By the end of the review I think he appreciated that with this platform we can give a viewer an experience that they were never able to achieve before, and that is to take the visitor into the artwork. He found the idea intriguing and compelling to pursue. We also had a chance to get answers for all the questions that have been on our mind since the beginning of this project, oftentimes confirming our fears and concerns, and other times we heard him being open to the possibilities.

Below are the three schemes that were presented. I think it is important to reflect on how far we have come since our last review and Linnea’s post on the three schemes. In the end Motoi as a client had a first say at what and how he wants his art presented. He wanted our part to be something that enhances the viewers experience, yet does not distract or compete with it. With that in mind scheme two (Minji, Jeff and Sam) were the best to address those issues. The platform is simple and minimal and gives the viewer the views that Motoi is interested in highlighting.

Scheme 1 ( a Garden Journey): Artemiy, Elise, Caitlin and Chris

Scheme 2 (The pier at the Halsey): Minji, Jeff and Sam

Scheme 3 (a Purposeful Path): LeRone, Adam, Madison and Linnea

Below are the images from our review:

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