Not to be Lost in Translation

Tomorrow morning is our first review with the artist Motoi Yamamoto.  He will be in Japan joining us via Skype.  We will be presenting to Motoi and Mark Sloan three schemes for better viewing the Return to the Sea: Saltworks show which will be debuting this spring at the Halsey Gallery of Contemporary Art during the Spoleto Festival.  This is going to be a significant review for us, not only because we will know our direction to proceed with by the end, but that this will be the first time we will hear thoughts from the artist himself in regards to our addition to his show.  So that nothing is misconstrued tomorrow, Mark is bringing a translator.  Motoi does speak some English, but we speak no Japanese, and it is of the utmost importance that we understand each other fully.  The image above is from a great scene in the Sofia Coppola film “Lost In Translation”, and if you’ve seen this film, you know that this is not the type of situation we want to find ourselves in tomorrow.

One Response to “Not to be Lost in Translation”
  1. Lou says:

    Gunga galunga… gunga, gungalagunga…oh sorry wrong movie.

    Good luck Pastre.

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