“Measure Twice Cut Once”

As a wise man once said, “Measure twice cut once.”  This quote signifies our current situation in studio V.  As you all know, we are now the the process of building our viwing platform from the Halsey.  Everyone is at the shop daily.  Today we finsished the cutting on all of our steel and started welding the fins for outdoor structure.  Hopefully by this weekend we can have all of the fins welded and grinded.

We came across a small dilema today from which this wise saying is derived.  It seemed that through some miscalculation, each of our long fins differed in length by anywhere from a quarter to a half an inch.  If we had measured twice, we wouldn’t have to had cut twice!

But it is all part of the learining process.  We will have to overcome many other challeneges throughout the next two weeks I’m sure!!

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