Be prepared to modify your plan. It’ ll be good for you!

With 22 days left till the final review our studio is in full swing, working day and night to reach the goal and complete our project. Although now that I think about it for the architects the projects are never complete. So technically our goal is to almost complete the project… since I know Prof. Pastre won’t be happy I phrased it like that, I ll rephrase it… our goal is to almost complete the project to the degree that its incompleteness goes undetected for the everyday visitor.

Some of us spend the day cutting the steel plate for the structure that will go outside the window.

It didn’t go as planned, but in the end we succeeded! See below and judge for yourself, but I would say that the accuracy of our cuts is flawless!

Some of us continued drilling holes into the plates that will be attached to the armature. We only need to drill 220 of them.

And most of us ordered Chinese from the nearby restaurant.  Unfortunately one of us could not afford it, and was tortured by the delicious smells of the Asian cuisine.

The fortunes we got were very contradicting, judge for yourself! I would say the third one is my personal favorite.

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