The Great Migration

Hello all!  As you have all been reading about our semester is coming to close!! It seems though that we still have so much more to accomplish before our review Friday morning.  I would be willing to bet we will be working right up to the review!  Tonight was another late night at the shop as we were preparing for the moving of our viewing platform into the Halsey! We spent a couple hours putting our custum made moving fiddler crabs (pretty much just steel and heavy duty casters) so when Floyd comes tomorrow we can be ready for what I have deamed the Great Migration.

The picture I’ve included was taken tonight as we fitted our maple  plywood deck, cutting out the holes for the handrail right there on site, one of the advantages of having the 2×2 steel tube cover the hole.  We had a few problems with everything being perfectly square but it really is amazing how close we actually got.  A small taper of just one small side of the landing will hopefully be all that needs to be done!

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