Down to the Nitty Gritty

As we all get back into the swing of things after a well needed break, we have been warmly welcomed back into the world of design build.  We are now beginning construction documents of our viewing platform for the Halsey and are discovering that we have many more decisions to make!!!

We are finally thinking about beginning the construction of our platform and are getting into many discussion regarding the minor details of our design.  These inlcude placement of screws, color of materials, connections regarding the handrail to the platform, and the ever so difficult stair stringer that has yet to be approved by our structural engineer John Moore.


One of the things that we know FOR SURE is that we are going to need to learn to weld.  Not one member of our studio has any experience welding so the process is going to be a true learning experience for all involved.  Four lucky members of our studio have been chosen to be certified on the welder and will be doing all the metal welding needed for the project.

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