The countdown has begun….

Now that the spring break is behind us we are happy to spend our nights in studio again! Today we have met as a studio to finally “start finishing” the details. The atmosphere of the discussion was pleasant to say the least, there was no fighting, no yelling and no pans flying around. I think spring break has served us well. Judge for yourself from the little snippets of conversations I was able to catch on camera.

On Monday we have sent John Moore (our structural engineer) of 4SE our drawings for a review. The rest of the week we will be spending ironing out the connection details, the platform material, the handrail connection and a myriad of other things that have not been figured out yet. By the end of the week we will be able to start mocking up some of these ideas that has been so hard to tell you about in written form. The countdown has begun and we are about to lift off, and once we are off the ground (literally), we won’t stop till we are at the moon. Happy Pi day!


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