Inspiration vs. Imitation

Above sketch by Jessica Hische

I have been writing over my past few posts on the topic of inspiration.  On this topic I first wrote about the passing of Steve Jobs, someone who’s creative spirit and personal drive I find an inspiration, and last week I wrote about searching for inspiration in unexpected places and made the argument that the most fresh and innovative ideas in any design field are often inspired from outside sources.  In searching for inspiration for this post, my wife Amy pointed me to a graphic designer who has written on this topic before, Jessica Hische.  My intention tonight was to write about the fine line between inspiration and imitation, but I feel that Ms. Hische did a great job of this back in October of 2010.  Although her point of view focuses on the creative discipline of graphic design, I think it parallels well with architecture.  Read her thoughts “On Inspirstion” here.

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