And then there were eleven…

For those of you who are not familiar with the process we will be going through this semester – let me summarize. We started with a group charette last Friday upon conclusion of which, inspired and excited, we were given nine days to develop our own personal individual design. On Monday that phase of the project will be long gone and we will pick three winning individuals and divide into three teams to move forward who in turn will be given… lo and behold another nine days to develop three schemes. At conclusion of that project phase we will pick the winning strategy and come together as one large group to develop ONE design that we will then build. Hence the term… Design. Build.

As usual it is my goal to keep the loyal readers in the loop on all things Studio V, so below are the snapshots of the designs we all were working on as of today. Some of us farther than others, some of us are starting from scratch, some are building physical models, other digital… but we all have one thing in common… we have a long way to go before the Monday’s review. Good thing there is a whole work week between Friday and Monday.Image

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