Keep Calm and Design On!

The unofficial studio motto!

Hey everyone! Nice to be blogging to y’all again!!! But back to the important stuff!

So far everyone is doing well with the individual designs! We are now moving into creating 3D models for our individual presentations. Today although class didn’t meet, we were still busy working on our projects for our critiques tomorrow.

Despite some technical difficulties that we have had in modeling programs, we’re all progressing and are excited to present on Monday.

From what I have seen, all the ideas are really interesting and everyone has gone their separate routes. But the one thing that has been constant is respecting the floor space as much as possible so that Motoi has as much space as possible for his floating garden.

On another note…Happy Groundhog day to everyone! Too bad Phil saw his shadow again but down here in Charleston it already feels like spring! Let’s hope that the weather stays like this but I must admit it’s hard to stay inside and work on this when it’s in the 70’s and sunny! Currently, I’m writing this while I’m on my front piazza.

Goodnight and Good luck everyone! Don’t forget to get some sleep!


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