Gravity is over rated.

“Darn gravity got me again you don’t know how bad I wanted to sleep on the wall”

-Mitch Hedberg

I feel like with this project I might as well be trying to sleep on the ceiling. Every time I think I’ve figured something out and I work on it and work on it and then I find out that it’s pretty much impossible. With this project it’s a little more important to be grounded in reality. I feel like in my past studios it’s been more about theory and ideas rather than will it work. At first I thought this is so annoying but now I’m realizing that this is actually a good thing not only is it adding a new aspect to my design proses but also taking a design that is loosely based in reality and then trying to make it work within physical possibilities and financial possibilities makes the design so much more “boss”. To me there is nothing more beautiful than a design that finds a somewhat new way to be highly functional and succeeds. This is my hope for this project that we can take our designs and create this highly functional and highly versatile structure that can serve Motoi’s needs no mater what space he is working in.

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