You Always Gotta Have a Plan

The students are working through their group designs this weekend as well as working on a studio site model. There’s a lot to do before Friday’s review, where after, we will choose the direction to continue working for the rest of the semester. Everyone seems to be working hard, but I think there is time in their busy schedules to take in this two minute video:

Ice Cube’s description of the work of the Eames couple as doing “mash-ups” made me think about these three groups of students working together for the first time, being “mashed up” so to say. It’s not about the pieces, but how the pieces work together is a perfect description of my expectations of Studio V this week. Taking something begun by one student and making it into something truly special by the infusion of fresh ideas from others is how we “sample”.

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  1. […] a project into a “whole” takes a few major ingredients: inspiration, a plan, dirty hands and a willingness to learn. Making a group of individuals into “a whole” […]

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