Space Mock-Up

Tonight was spent cleaning out half the shop so that we could do a basic mock-up of the GAP Shed.  After moving the majority of loose items to shelves, we started taping off the areas of the shed.  We had just enough room to tape off the entire structure!  We started with the north side [...]


Final Conceptual Review –Of course, it was the most relaxing weekend ever I had! As a group we smoothly finished our conceptual design of GAP SHED, but it is just at the mid-point for Studio V-design and built. There were full of VIPs in that small meeting room on last Friday , leaving us tons [...]

Still Detail

Today we are working on our details. I've never imagined that there're so many work to do after design. A lot of stuffs that I thought I knew from beginning turns out that I didn't really know. For example, the sinks. I thought we can just purchase some sinks from Lowe's, and every thing will [...]

Final Conceptual Review

Though we have presented our final concept, we still have a long road to an efficient GAP shed ahead of us.  All of our ideas, conceptual strategies, and modular implications have been laid out, now everything needs to be ironed out.  We have already addressed possible design solutions during our review discussion, many thanks to [...]

Another busy day

We still work on the roof system for a few days. Although we have a lot of different ideas, they still do not work well, either technical problems or aesthetical problems. The roof study becomes one of the most frustrating experiences for Studio V. However, I find something funny in drain system study. In Monday, [...]

Crunch Time!!!

We met as a studio today in order to talk more about the roof. We had some helpful insight from Ray Huff about how many of our ideas can get complicated for us to build let alone some one with no design experience. Then we came to the realization that one roof is the best [...]

More Roofs and Such

While we did not have studio today, Studio V met as a group to further advance our design for the shed.  Things we wanted to look more at included materials, the ROOF, and how the counter spaces would operate, especially the island in the middle.  In terms of materials, we were specifically looking at the [...]

Where’s the Roof?

Excuse the tardiness of this post. I have been digesting the thoughts below for several days/years and have been having a hard time expressing my thoughts clearly. Now, don't expect what's written below to be clear. As Otto said to me during potty training, "I'm just trying my best..." As you've read over the last [...]

On The Way Rosebank ---- To get experience through the practice, on-the-spot investigation and case study are always shortcut for architects. So we visit Rosebank this afternoon to learn some ideas about a certificated GAP shed, actually I wish I could have done this field trip at the beginning of this semester. FloorPlan----Nicole’s plan combines modular and [...]