Light at the End of the Tunnel

After working all weekend, we have made a lot of headway on the Vat Shack. Rafters are now up in place and are getting screwed in. The wood paneling for the siding has been cut. We have been making a lot of progress by spending 12 hours a day working! The walls have also been [...]

Rafters Are Up

The Vat Shack is beginning to look like a shack, of sorts. After a week of visually "slow" progress, we've started installing the roof. We're putting in the rafters by bolting them to the posts and nailing them to the ridge beam. We're having difficulties running the bolts through the posts, but we're getting it done. [...]

Each Passing Day

With each passing day we continue to gain momentum on the Vat Shack. There is welding that keeps going on, and angle grinding that is still happening everyday.Every day we have at least one part of the Shack that gets finished and put on the trailer. Little by little the Vat Shack progressively is getting [...]


    As more materials come in, we get them ready to use on the Vat Shack. Yesterday Courtney and I finished getting the nails out of the wood siding so we can prepare them to be attached to the shack for the siding. After getting the nails out we sanded them down a little [...]

Wood You Attach the Rafters?

The structure may be done for our Vat Shack 2016, but we have plenty to accomplish by the end of the semester. We will be working hard, nonstop, to finish up all the small details that provide our structure with character and an identity. The plywood siding will soon be ready for installment but first [...]

Weld Done Guys

At this point in time we have pretty much welded the entire structure together.  We're not anywhere near finished though.  Just because the structure is welded there is still a lot more to tackle.  We are in the process of making the ramp and stairs.  The good news is all of the rafters are cut [...]

Almost Done with Steel Framing

After classes yesterday, we met up at the shop to work on the project. Yesterday we put in the two ridge beam posts and started putting in the ties that connect the two ridge beam posts to the rest of the framing at the top of the structure. It involved a lot of checking and [...]

Finalizing Everything

Only 2 weeks left and there is A LOT left to to do on the vat shack. Now that framing is up, the roof will start going up in the next couple days. After that we will be able to put in the walls.  The next two weeks will be sleep, eat, vat shack, repeat [...]

Rolling with the Punches

As we move along through this process of building the Indigo Vat Shack we are starting to realize just how far we have come since the beginning stages of designing three months ago. Suddenly, this structure we have been designing is starting to take shape and we are a little over two weeks from the [...]


Things are starting to come along on the Vat Shack as the framing has begun to take shape. As stated in the previous post we are measuring 3 times before we cut because this is a precise process. With the majority of the framing up we can start measuring, cutting and welding the steel grate [...]