Weld Done Guys

At this point in time we have pretty much welded the entire structure together.  We're not anywhere near finished though.  Just because the structure is welded there is still a lot more to tackle.  We are in the process of making the ramp and stairs.  The good news is all of the rafters are cut [...]

Dirty Hands Make a Clean Product

This past week we've really has the chance to get our hands dirty. We've been cutting steel and welding down the flooring. Today we have a lot to tackle in preparation for the weekend. Professor Pastre is driving up to Columbia to pick up the 2x4 steel in preparation for our weekend building where we [...]

Sparks Will Fly

Here at the shop we are gathering materials and preparing to weld!  To begin with we all need proper training and practice before we work on the vat shack.  So today professor Pastre will be teaching!  I am very excited, this will be an important skill to build the vat shack but will also give [...]

Just Another Day in the Shop

As we continue to mock up the details and refine the construction documents professor Pastre is helping us with any learn how to take our drawings and make them a 3-dimensional object.  Tomorrow we will be getting together the final construction documents.  Once this is done we will begin ordering materials and then the construction [...]

Today Was A Good Day

Today we once again had the pleasure of meeting with the lovely ladies from Enough Pie! This time we were able to present them with a design that was for the most part suitable for the needs of both the artists and the events Enough Pie will be holding with the Indigo Vat Shack.  Though [...]

Group Presentation Complete

Yesterday we were able to meet with our clients from Enough Pie and some of the artists who will be using the Vat Shack.  The review  went very well!  We received feedback on things that needed to be added and things that needed to be taken away from the current vat shack designs.  One crucial [...]

Controlled Chaos

To any outsider walking into Studio V it would look like a tornado just hit.  We have been hard at work researching the fine points of our group design.  We have three groups each one focusing on a different aspect of the design.  Working in a group can be challenging because differing ideas can easily [...]

One on One

As we continue our individual design Professor Pastre has helped us narrow down our numerous ideas to one excellent design that will create an environment that allows the artists to utilize the space to it's maximum capacity!  There are exciting ideas on the table including the use of pulleys and counter weights.  Many ideas also [...]

Research and Development

Studio V has been busy this week researching and compiling information on everything from trailers and campers to tiny houses.  It is essential for the design process for us to compile a list of resources we have and what will be best to work with.  The research hasn't stopped at simply finding ways to create [...]