A super busy week

Fortunately, we got an email this morning that we do not have to re-build the deck. It would be fine just add 3 more foundations for our shed. I am so happy to hear that news. We almost spent a whole weekend on deck making, the most difficult part is Simpson tie. It looks very [...]


So today we got the news from Pastre that we might have to redo our deck frames for the cleaning area. This is a possibility because the way our joist are running now does not support the loads of the deck. So now we are getting in touch with John Moore to find out if adding [...]

Wall Framing

Today we cut and framed all of the walls with the exception of the cool room walls.  We basically worked 9 hours on it today, so this blog may be a little short in length.  We framed each individual wall separately, so eventually the walls will be able to be unscrewed in panels to be [...]

Designers, Workers, Farmers

As previous blogs shown, we’ve already started building our GAP shed. It is definitely an amazing experience being involved within both design and build. Sliding Door- Once getting into build process, another level much more precise and practical , more details need to be figured out. We updates the sliding door details on look from [...]


Yes! we are really building the GAP SHED! I really enjoy working on a real stuff instead of using  the computer in front of a desk. From last Saturday, we've been working hard for three days. On Saturday, We are working on the decking system. And on Sunday, we make our wood piece into perfect shape. So [...]

Time to Build

Say goodbye to weekends, Studio V – It’s time to build! We kicked off studio today with a giant delivery from Southern Lumber. It was both exciting and intimidating to see the lumber arrive. It was unloaded from the trailer with a forklift, and pile neatly. Our design is about to come to life, but [...]

Materials Ordered + Framing Begins

After our trip to Southern Lumber yesterday, we learned of their gracious contribution to help out with our GAP shed, and we were able to order the bulk of our structural materials today.  We will be expecting a huge shipment of lumber at the shop tomorrow so we can begin framing.  Our open house is [...]

A wood shop field trip

Today, we have a field trip to Southern Lumber and Millwork Corp. It is one of the biggest wood shop in Charleston. For the ITC Joint Practice project, we have been there to order lumbers, so we will similar with the shop. This time, the managers show us a profound presentation which includes some of [...]

Sinks, Sinks, and More Sinks

I have been working on figuring out this sink system in which we are inventing. I starting researching to find a trough that would fit our needs. Just a Google search of "trough" did not cut it. I looked into all kinds of feeders:  hog feeders, goat feeders, horse feeders. Then I came across search [...]

C.D.’s Continued

Both today and this past weekend we have been further detailing our construction documents for the GAP Shed.  Nicole, Ashley, and I have been working mainly on the structure of the revit file, whereas the others have been more focused on the sinks, cooler, drainage, and sliding panel system.  This weekend we spent a lot [...]