Refining While Making

It has been a very busy weekend at 1 Simons Street.  Studio V and ITC students have been sharing the CAC.C fabrication headquarters to prepare for reviews Monday and Tuesday respectively.  The Studio V mock-up made great strides over the weekend.  Friday we tested our idea of twisting steel angle for the shading part of … Continue reading

Santa’s Workshop

  The shop has been super busy this week, like Santa’s workshop right before Christmas.  Studio V has been in production mode on the mock up and the Intro to Craft wood class has been busy assembling boxes for a review early next week. Today, Studio V was hard at work to prepare for our … Continue reading


   A lot of work got done today, especially with the help of a few brave souls from the other Studio U (thanks guys and gals).  With very important guests coming to view our full scale mock up Monday, we’re definitely picking up the pace with such a deadline on our heels – I’d say … Continue reading

“If you build it, they will come!”

It has been a busy day for Studio V, and much has been accomplished at Corrine Jones Park, and at our Simons Street shop.  The day began early, with most of Studio V meeting at the park with shovels and ratchets in hand, ready to get to work on assembling the new playground equipment being … Continue reading

Shovels at Rest

After a day of diligent labor, our poor shovels get a day of much needed rest. These shovels worked really hard to help dig an impressive hole, mix quikrete, then dump it into the hole. So on behalf of StudioV, good work shovels, your work was much apreciated. The StudioV, much like the shovels, enjoyed a pleasant … Continue reading

I think it’s about time for a dump …

Today got a little messy. When Lindsay stopped for a second and said, “I think it’s about time for a dump,” we all quickly agreed. Taken out of context you might think that she was being a bit vulgar for a southern lady, but allow me to put it into context for you so that … Continue reading

Some Dirt Under Our Nails

I know I speak for all of Studio V when I say it feels great to finally start making stuff.  It’s not that the work so far this semester has not been productive or without purpose, but now the fruits of all that labor are about to pay off.  This weekend marked the start of … Continue reading

These Boots were Made for Workin’

Just as the work week winds down this Friday evening, our jobs are just beginning.  Today marks an important turning point in our studio as we move off of the paper and into our construction phase.  We broke into groups to further refine detailing on the foundation, landscaping, material suppliers, cost, concrete seating and attached … Continue reading

The Unveiling….

Today was a very big day for Studio V.  We presented this morning to the Design Review Committee (great job representing us Barrett and Joseph!) and we are hoping to hear back and get approval for our project soon.  Our presentation is now posted on our documents page, and you can see what we have … Continue reading

Break is over…Back to work.

Fall break has officially come to an end.  Aside from all the work going on over the break i hope everyone had at least ONE day to enjoy themselves outside of studio.  The diligence of Studio V over the break was apparent in today’s studio as everyone pieced together documents and information in preparation of … Continue reading