Santa’s Workshop


The shop has been super busy this week, like Santa’s workshop right before Christmas.  Studio V has been in production mode on the mock up and the Intro to Craft wood class has been busy assembling boxes for a review early next week.

Today, Studio V was hard at work to prepare for our mock up review that’s coming up on Monday.  By then, we have to have an entire 8 foot section of our wall to test all of our material choices.  We split up in teams today to tackle a few different pieces of the project that are still in progress. Some people were working on testing different types of signage for the park while others were using man power to test the twisted steel louvers that we’ve proposed to provide shading.  Another group of us went out to the site to determine a plan for staking out our foundation and even got to talk to a group of older children on the playground who were really excited and curious about what we’re building.

Wait a second, is it the weekend?  It sure doesn’t feel like it.  Studio V meets 7 days a week for sometimes 12 to 15 hour days.  We’ll be back in the shop bright and early in the morning to put in another full day on Saturday.  All concrete has been poured.  Tomorrow, the mock up of the shading device is getting constructed and we will get to pull the formwork off of our concrete  blocks.  That’s exciting and a little bit scary.  We hope that it looks exactly as planned.

I also need to give a shout out to our valuable team member,  Barrett (who we now refer to only as Teddy) who got in a battle with a drill bit today.  No day is a bore with Studio V and by the end of the semester, I’m sure we’ll all have scars to remember this project by.  I would say Barrett won this battle.  He’ll be back on board helping us first thing in the morning.

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