Light at the end of the tunnel

Today, so much was accomplished.  We had all hands on deck for a 10 hour day and we were busy!  These days, it gets dark so early, so it's a constant race against daylight. 10 students + 1 professor x (10 hours) = 110 hours of labor! But, at this point, we are all excited [...]

So many angles

We spent last night making some very minor changes to our formwork, but changes that make a huge difference once the pieces are set in place on the site.   We had to take the front face off of twelve of the blocks and cut angles to make them trapazoids instead of rectangles.  Yes,  it makes [...]

Santa’s Workshop

  The shop has been super busy this week, like Santa's workshop right before Christmas.  Studio V has been in production mode on the mock up and the Intro to Craft wood class has been busy assembling boxes for a review early next week. Today, Studio V was hard at work to prepare for our [...]

Decision Made

Today was an incredibly exciting day!! (You will most likely be able to tell that through all of the exclamation points that are likely to fill this post) At the beginning of studio, we brought two possible designs to the table, using two different material choices.  It turned out in the end that either design [...]

A Never Ending Process

So I just got home and  made myself some cinnamon toast.  I've eaten a couple of times today I think, but I barely remember it, so it doesn't count right?  Let's just say we've been hard at work and all of my days and hours are kind of becoming a blur!!  Then, I began thinking [...]

Inspiration, Imagination, Design!

Today, we began a very exciting part of this whole process.  We are finally digging into design!!  We've studied possible site locations in the park.  We've discussed potential program uses and building material choices.  While we have not reached a definite conclusion to any of these issues, it's time to leave it up to each [...]