Decision Made

Today was an incredibly exciting day!! (You will most likely be able to tell that through all of the exclamation points that are likely to fill this post) At the beginning of studio, we brought two possible designs to the table, using two different material choices.  It turned out in the end that either design could be just as successful by using either of the materials, rammed earth or concrete, so that played very little into our decision, but five minutes after that realization was made it was time to make a choice.  Which design would we be continuing on with for the remainder of the semester?  (FINALLY! This is it!) It was a fairly unanimous decision as to which design was the most successful for this park.  At least no one objected when the decision was made.
A day of decision making! … these decisions are exciting on a number of levels!
-The possibility of using rammed earth as a building method is really really exciting!!!
– We are  now one team, working on one project with no other distractions.  Just think about the amazing things that 10 heads can come up with when we all work together!
– We’re one giant step closer to making this a reality!  It’s only a matter of weeks before we start construction!
– Just like professor Pastre promised us, the design has evolved so much in our past weeks of work that it no longer feels like it belongs to one individual or group but rather to the entire studio.  We’ve all made our mark on the design!
– No more redesign!  From here on out, it’s all about refinement
  So it’s time for me to get a little sleep… but not too much… Refinement continues tomorrow! 

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