There is no “I” in “team”

We’ve all heard it – “there is no ‘I’ in team.”  Indeed, here tonight in studio, I’m seeing nearly every student working on group projects, from both Studio V and Studio U.

Talking about “I’s”, a new material that seems to be spanning consistently between both groups within our Studio V class is the use of I-beams as a support structure.  (I’ve been eavesdropping on the other group’s meeting).  If we have segments of wall, wouldn’t it be cool to space each segment apart using the I-beams, having them act as support for holding each segment upright, and using the metal as a contrast to the wall backdrop?  We think so, leading us to the bigger question – how can we built what we have in mind?

An immediate problem with the use of I-beams, particularly for my group, is that the structure of such a steel beam works well for vertical support, but can’t readily be bent or manipulated into a different form; that’s not good news when we want something vertical along the segments of wall, but the same form to bend into a canopy above the seating.  As to the solution on how to use I-beams to create a curved canopy, I think I may have some eggs in the basket for that.  It’s nearing time for my group to meet and discuss some problem solutions, so let’s see what our combined heads can come up with.

After all, 5 heads are better than 1.  Always remember…..

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